A clean and stylish Kirby theme

Say hello to Stellar, a slick little one-pager with a super vibrant color palette, a “sticky” in-page nav bar, a separate generic page template (just in case
you need one), and all of that powered by the awesome Kirby CMS.

Some Features

  • What's this?

    This is a beautiful Kirby theme by HTML5UP and HIWEB. You can easily customize it in a few minutes and your site will be up and running!

    Learn more...
  • This theme includes a blank page

    Yes! It’s included so you can express yourself in amazing ways :) It features a really nice cover full-width cover image. Go check it out!

    Page with cover
  • Don't worry though!

    If you don’t feel like having a super big cover image, you don’t have to. Just don’t select an image when you’re in your page, and it’ll work as well.

    Page without cover

Display some cool stats

The sky is the only limit when it comes to deciding what you
will be doing with this awesome Kirby theme.

  • 5120 Etiam
  • 8192 Magna
  • 7255 Signal
  • 4096 Aliquam
  • 1024 Kirby

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Buy this Theme

You have two options to buy this theme, you can either go on Creative Market or on Gumtree. Whichever you prefer! It’s good to know though that Gumtree gives back more money to the developers. So if you don’t have a preference you know mine :)