Kirby themes and professional services.


A super complete template for Kirby. Full featured blog, a portfolio with project pages, an about and contact page and can be extended however you like!

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Whitespace. is a beautiful minimalist portfolio theme for Kirby. It was built from scratch by HIWEB without using any frameworks or dependencies. Blazing fast, retina ready, and super small.

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Freelancer is a full-featured one page theme for Kirby CMS. It uses bootstrap and features a working AJAX contact form.

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This simple yet beautiful theme contains a full one-pager, a blank page with optional cover image and an error page and can be extended however you like!

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TYPED. is a great looking and fully functional website / blogging theme for Kirby CMS. Everything is fully customizable and several layouts are included. Pagination, sidebar, thumbnails... it's all there! All you need to get started and to write beautiful blog posts.

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Kirby FAQ

This is a barebone FAQ solution for KIRBY. It's purpose is mainly to demonstrate how to effectively build a FAQ for your website. You can also use it as-is in a client website for a simple to administrate FAQ.

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SUMO. is the first Page Builder powered theme for Kirby CMS. The header and footer are fixed but the rest is built with blocks that can be added, shuffled, deleted, and customized!

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KARDS. is a full-featured personal landing page, online resume and portfolio theme for Kirby CMS. It's a massive one-pager perfect for you.

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Zoon. is a full-featured coming soon page theme for Kirby CMS. It's the perfect landing page to tell the world you're product or company is coming soon! It's fully responsive and contains some nifty features like a countdown and a map both managed from the panel.

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A simple template for telling the world when you'll launch your next big thing. Pay what you want!

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